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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Family room remodel

A friend of ours had a carpet remnant she gave us, so we figured if we are moving out furniture we would scrape the popcorn off of the ceilings in our family room.
So last week we started our project.

We taped and covered our walls with plastic, then we brought the hose inside and started spraying our ceilings........this was the “easy” part.

Once we soaked the ceiling with our handy dandy hose, it came time to scrape. We tried to capture most of it in our really cool scraper with a built in bag to catch the popcorn junk………….guess what happens when your scraping a 1970’s popcorn ceiling that you’ve just soaked with water? ……………………..

YUP-you guessed it gets REALLY HEAVY.

We put on our suits and respirators., we went into our little plastic cave and went to work.

Phase 1 of our project was wrapping up.  Next we will be doing the taping, mudding, and sanding.  over and over again.

lovely ceiling photos

Daddy's little helper holding up the shop vac in "hopes" of containing some of the dust

Looks like it's snowing

More to come soon

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