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Friday, April 22, 2011

Family room remodel - carpet install

Since our remnant didn't fit, we went carpet shopping and found a REALLY nice remnant and pad

Beautiful red, moisture resistant carpet pad

very RED

Is that carpet I see on my floor?

Why yes, yes it is - too bad you can't see the really cool texture to our carpet

Bill doing Carpet angels

New carpet in the family room, new carpet on the stairs and fresh paint.

It is coming together now.

We were originally going to just leave our entertainment center in the room and install the carpet around it (when we had a free remnant) BUT once we ended up buying a new carpet, we wanted to do the project right.

At 9:00 Sunday night we decided to take out the entertainment center- 

NO simple task mind you - 

Do you like the lovely bruise on my right thigh? I think i got that from resting furniture on my legs while moving it.   I'm turning into a bruise garden!
P.S. I have a matching one on my right forearm.

One last area to cover, so I'm doing ceiling touch ups before the carpet goes in

This piece looks like it would fit into the area we need to put it, but as you know carpets need to be installed in a specific direction or they don't look right

Here is Bill cutting and piecing together the carpet for under the entertainment center.

tucking in the carpet

Putting the entertainment center back

the carpet went down very easily, but putting the room back together did take some time. and since we needed to to it BEFORE we went to bed we were up till 1:30 AM Sunday night.

So, how is it looking so far?

Tune in tomorrow for more photos

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