About Lauren's Gemstone Jewelry

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Lauren's Gemstone Jewelry personally creates unique and stylish jewelry, which enhances the natural beauty in all women using high quality Gemstones and Swarovski Crystal beads, together with 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver.


16 years ago, I had a vision, an idea...I wanted to create a unique necklace just for me. I went to the bead store, bought the beads, and went home with enthusiasm, excited to get started on my necklace. I strung the necklace, and that is as far as I made it. The half-strung necklace, with beautiful beads stayed in my vitamin box for 16 years!

When I met Lauren, I was almost embarrassed to show her my half-started attempt. However, once I sat down with her, that same enthusiasm I felt 16 years ago returned. She was able to not only capture my vision, but also make it better. I love all the pieces she created for me!

If you are looking to wear a piece of art, or just like the idea of wearing high quality jewelry for an affordable price, then Lauren's Gemstone Jewelry should be the first place you look.

~Wendy D.

Ever since I received my first bracelet as a gift, I have been adding bracelets, earring, and necklaces to my collection---sometimes even choosing the beads I like and having Lauren design something special.  Lauren's is practically the only jewelry I wear...it just makes me happy!

Kris C.

When I purchase jewelry from Lauren’s Gemstone Jewelry, I feel excited to wear something new.  I pick a piece among many originals and know that it has been crafted with care and quality.  I am thrilled that I’ve picked a treasure for me when I get other people commenting on what I’m wearing! I  Love wearing Lauren’s creations!

Liz J.

Lauren designs beautiful jewelry with quality materials that is fun to wear. She enjoys working with people designing custom pieces to go with that special outfit and she is not satisfied until the piece is just right. She also repairs her pieces free of charge and she is just a delightful person.

~Sandy Miller