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Monday, March 14, 2011

Have you ever heard the one about the guy who dreamed about laying naked on a bed of money?......................... BEADS are my money!

Sunday I had the pleasure of going to the Seattle Gem and Jewelry show.  One of my favorite things is being in the company of beads, especially A LOT of beads. 

I’ve personally found that there are two very specific shoppers you can spot a mile away - Your “buyer” and your “I’m here looking for a deal” shoppers.  The buyers are dressed to the hilt in professionalism dragging a rolling cart behind them.  Then there are the I’m looking for the deal” people, which are there with their friends, mothers etc.  They are the ones shopping for the best deal for their own- new watch, diamond necklace, gold bracelet etc.

Next, there is a third type of shopper- the small business owners/designer, like myself. I believe we are the shopper these shows are designed to attract.  We love this opportunity to peruse the endless isles of Swarovski crystals and gemstone beads looking for the next creative inspiration to design that unique and fashionable piece of art, affordably, for our personal customers.

Unfortunately, yesterday when I walked the isles I felt NO inspiration.  I don’t know, I suppose I could blame it on being hungry or the fact that my gal pal was sick. 
My wonderful husband did fill in for her (but I suspected he would probably prefer to get a root canal) or it could be that I went looking for only two specific things only to find out they would be cheaper through my usual source (then to top it off, finding out one booth over charged me by $22.)

Although, one unexpected pleasure of my afternoon was, I did thoroughly enjoy the one on one time I had with my hubby, we had some time to check in with each other, and those moments are invaluable.

With all that said, I do LOVE being around my husband AND all these strands of beautiful baubles.  Inspiration comes at varied times….bring it on!

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